Reference Design for LTE Cat M1 Device Uses Antenova's Blade Antenna

Antenova has revealed a new blade antenna for and its latest reference design for a small but high performing On Board Device (OBDII) for LTE Cat M1 at CES 2019. LTE Cat M1 is an IoT-friendly version of LTE that provides enough bandwidth for data communication whilst maintaining long battery life.

Antenova’s designers have addressed all the requirements for modern telematics in the design but created the unit in a way that allows customers to design-in their own circuitry and be confident of gaining LTE CatM1 certification. Antenova also offers Bluetooth and GNSS antennas that can be added and will co-exist happily on-board.

As well as OBDIIs, this design is also suitable for any  LTE CatM1or mobile application  – for example, trackers, portable devices, drones, network devices, smart metering, dashboard equipment, and telematics.

The blade antenna used in the design is part no SR4G055. It measures 41.0 x 22.0 x0.9 mm and operates at 4G/LTE frequencies of 698-894 MHz and 1710-2155 MHz.

Antenova is showing a working demonstration of the OBDII device, with two PCBs and the antenna connected, at CES 2019.


  • Country: United Kingdom
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