Raytheon AESA Radar Selected for F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Jets

The US Marine Corps have selected Raytheon’s APG-79(v)4 AESA radar for the F/A-18C/D classic Hornet Fleet of supersonic fighter jets. Raytheon will begin delivering radars in 2020 and complete all deliveries by 2022.

The APG-79(v)4 is a scaled version of the APG-79 AESA radar integrated on the U.S. Navy and Royal Australian Air Force's Super Hornets and EA-18G Growlers. Along with improved targeting capabilities, crews gain an edge in crucial operations across the spectrum – including air dominance, maritime strike and air-to-surface missions.

According to Raytheon, with AESA radars, fighter jet pilots and crews tip the scales in their favor over their adversaries. Now that the APG-79(v)4 is slated to fly on the classic Hornet, Marine Corps pilots will be able to identify, track and engage more targets over a greater distance than ever before.

Crews will see improved radar reliability, reducing maintenance hours while increasing availability for flight. Because the APG-79(v)4 shares more than 90 percent commonality with the APG-79, the Marine Corps will benefit from the same global sustainment and upgrade path already in place for the system.

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