Base Station Analyzers Market to Show Steady Growth in 2019

According to a recent report by Future Market Insights, the base station analyzer market which currently stands at about $1 Billion, will see a 5% growth in revenues over what was achieved in 2018. With sustained demand in the IT & telecommunication industry, the global deployment of base station analyzers is poised to represent over 200 ('000) units in 2019.

While maximum potential for the installation of base station analyzers is identified in the semiconductors & electronics vertical, the industry's collective revenue share with that of the IT & telecommunications vertical is estimated to be more than 55% in 2019. The dramatic transformation of the telecom industry, exceptional Internet reach, and rapid IoT penetration across industry verticals will reportedly continue to boost deployment of base station analyzers in developing markets like China and India. Whereas, Japan is also cited as a highly lucrative investment pocket for base station analyzer manufacturers, apart from Europe and North America.

The report underscores the significance of 5G and other next-generation technologies that are currently in the limelight of strategic developments of key companies operating in base station analyzers market. Leading manufacturers offering high-performance base station analyzers to support already in-operation WiMAX, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, are currently shifting their focus on developing base station analyzers with optimum operability for the upcoming 5G technology.

Escalating installation of wireless technology infrastructure is cited as the most prominent factor propelling base station analyzer demand worldwide. VIAVI Solutions, one of the market leaders, recently unveiled the industry's first 'true' 5G base station analyzer that caters to the demands of 5G NR and 5G TF standards. Claimed to possess the capability of validation and troubleshooting of 5G radio access, the CellAdvisor 5G is all set to strengthen the company's relationships with the Tier 1 customer companies - fueling more product innovation.

Impressively Positive Prospects for 5G Technology to Earn Lucrative Position for APAC

Rapid 5G technology penetration has been closely assisting the growth of Asian market in the base station analyzer landscape. It is further strengthened by an increasing number of foreign direct investments across Asia Pacific, especially in China and India. Growing criticality of high speed Internet connectivity, coupled with brisk adoption of advanced technologies across industries, is likely to provide a major push to Asia's base station analyzer demand in coming years.

The report emphasizes analysis of the pivotal role of government driven FDIs that have been creating lucrative business opportunities residing in developing Asian economies, for globally leading brands in the base station analyzer marketplace.

Elevating Next-gen Technology Deployment Uplifts Developed Regional Markets

North America, the key market for base station analyzer manufacturers, is projected to maintain an important position in the global landscape owing to strong governmental and regulatory support for 5G technology adoption. Looking at the pace of the expansion of next-generation technologies across North American region, it is more likely that the regional market for base station analyzer would witness the emergence of a heap of 5G wireless applications in the near future.

While the US is reportedly the first-ever country to cater to large scale 5% wireless applications, research forecasts a healthy growth outlook for base station analyzer market in the US. Europe, on the other hand, has already been deploying a slew of next-gen technologies in the wireless category and thus is likely to retain high potential business opportunities for base station analyzer manufacturers, in coming years.

Shipments of Benchtop Base Station Analyzers Facing Stiff Competition from Portables

Superior performance and endurance continue to enable bench-top base station analyzers to retain a winning market value share of around 40%, over their portable and handheld counterparts. Portable base station analyzers are however slated to represent an attractive pool of opportunities.

While advanced functionality of bench-top base station analyzers allows their deployment to remain higher than other counterparts, the report highlights their installation for RF testing and wireless applications as a significant factor impacting segmental growth. Witnessing rising popularity in the ICT industry, portable base station analyzers are likely to witness growing demand - specifically from network engineers and RF test engineers.

Manufacturers to Maintain Focal Point on a Stronger Distribution Network 

The deep-dive evaluation of the global competitive landscape of base station analyzers market points to a majority of prominent players in market eyeing the opportunities in expanding the global distribution network. Manufacturers are likely to nurture contractual partnerships with leading vendors, in an effort to firm up the foothold in the marketplace.

The study covers some of the leading players competing in global base station analyzers landscape, which include but are not limited to RF Industries, Keysight (Formerly Agilent), Anritsu, Tektronix, fieldSENSE, GW Instek, Rohde & Schwarz, Fluke Corporation, Rigol Technologies Inc., and CommScope.

Full Report: Base Station Analyzer Market: Rapid Deployment of Advanced Network Technologies such as LTE, LTE-A, 4G, and 5G Contributing to Growth: Global Industry Analysis 2013 - 2018 and Opportunity Assessment 2019 - 2027