GeoTraq Patents New Cellular IoT Modules Technology

GeoTraq Inc, a subsidiary of Appliance Recycling Centers of America, has received patent approval for its ground-breaking technology that is core to its integrated cellular IoT modules. GeoTraq believes that this innovative technology will revolutionize the way people locate assets and communicate data globally.

Through their integrated modules and connectivity, this patent provides GeoTraq with the intellectual property rights to significantly increase the battery life of devices that utilize GeoTraq technology by remotely controlling scheduled wakeup intervals to reduce power consumption. In addition, the intellectual property allows the company, the ability to provide accurate location information directly from its module without using GPS technology.

GeoTraq offers low cost, long battery life, small form factor, fully integrated modules that require no soldering to boards. Attach an antenna, battery, and sensor if applicable, and activate your device in under 5 minutes.

According to GeoTraq's Chief Technology Officer, Pierre Parent, this is another important step in the company’s strategy to simplify how devices are connected to the Internet of Things. By incorporating location capabilities directly into the wireless chipset, GeoTraq modules allow customers to build smaller, less expensive devices. Eliminating GPS chipsets, while giving customers remote control over the timing of device wake ups to report position and sensor status, significantly extends battery life.

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