ETS-Lindgren Introduces New Software Driver Support for L3-Narda EMI Receivers

Measurement solutions expert, ETS-Lindgren, has introduced the new TILE! driver to support L3 NARDA’s PMM 9010 Series EMI Receivers. This expands the use of TILE!, ETS Lindgren's popular Total Integrated Lab Environment software, for performing automated EMC tests in corporate, commercial and government test laboratories.

TILE! is a dynamic tool that continuously evolves to meet users' needs. With no brand preference on EMC test instrumentation, it easily accommodates a customer request to add a new instrumentation driver to its suite of instrumentation. Customers in the TILE! maintenance program can utilize this new driver immediately as a benefit of being a member of the maintenance program.

ETS worked with L3 Technologies-Narda Safety Test Solutions to develop the new driver for TILE! to support their PMM 9010 Series EMI Receivers. The goal with TILE! is to support a wide variety of existing and new instrumentation so users can benefit from the convenience of having one software solution for their test requirements. ETS currently supports over 1,600 drivers and is happy to add one more. According to L3 Narda, with the newly released TILE driver support for the PMM 9010 Series EMI Receivers, customers can make full CISPR 16-1-1 compliance tests from 9 kHz up to 18 GHz and full MIL-STD compliance tests starting at 10 Hz.

Click here to know about ETS-Lindgren’s educational courses on TILE! to increase automated testing productivity. New features of TILE! will be shared at these courses, including a review of the new drivers added.