Cost-Effective Waveguide Modules for V-band mm-Wave License Free Spectrum

RF Superstore, a microwave component supply outlet created by Pasternack founder Murray Pasternack, has introduced two highly integrated V-band waveguide modules. The new RFS-640000-V60-282 Transmitter and RFS-640000-V60-283 Receiver meet the demanding high-speed, low-cost production requirements of today's developers. These silicon-based 60 GHz waveguide modules utilize the license-free V-band millimeter wave spectrum from 57 GHz to 64 GHz. Potential applications of these waveguide modules include multi-Gbps digital communications, HD video transmission, millimeter wave radar & imaging, and ATE at 60 GHz.

The cost-effective waveguide modules are small, light weight, easy to integrate and incorporate an easy-to-use, multi-pin LSHM connector for power, reference clock, digital control port, and baseband signals. The ability to attach standard components makes these 60 GHz V-band modules practical for a wide range of millimeter wave configurations and budgets. The waveguide modules feature a unique chip to waveguide transition that is compatible with the WR-15, UG-385/U waveguide flange interface. This radio transmitter operates in the license-free frequency range of 57 to 64 GHz. The waveguide module supports up to 1.8 GHz modulation bandwidth, which feature an I/Q interface for baseband modulation.Typical power output of this waveguide module is 15 dBm.

The Model RFS-640000-V60-282 is priced at $1,099 and is available for immediate shipment. A companion receiver waveguide module, Model RFS-640000-V60-283, priced at $1,099 is also available. A pair consisting of a transmitter & receiver is available at the special price of $1,999 (RFS-640000-V60-PAIR).