Fujitsu to Use BridgeWave Wireless Backhaul Systems to Build Enterprise Networks

Fujitsu Network Communications and BridgeWave have signed an agreement under which Fujitsu will supply and support BridgeWave wireless backhaul systems with their end-to-end transport solutions portfolio. The BridgeWave Navigator microwave system (6 – 42 GHz) and the Flex4G-10000 true fiber capacity millimeter wave system (80 GHz) optimize backhaul networks for the highest capacity and range while minimizing capital investments and reducing operational costs.

Fujitsu now includes BridgeWave wireless backhaul systems as part of its multivendor turnkey solutions offered to service providers and large enterprise customers for building and transforming their networks. The Fujitsu transport solutions portfolio consists of hardware and software as well as a full suite of network services, including design, build, systems integration, operations, and maintenance. The BridgeWave Navigator microwave system and the Flex4G-10000 true fiber are also being offered through the Fujitsu Network Modernization (NetMod) program to replace legacy equipment with new technology.

By combining Fujitsu’s complete wireless turnkey services with BridgeWave’s high-capacity, high-performance backhaul systems, Fujitsu can quickly upgrade and expand their customers’ backhaul networks to efficiently handle the surge of traffic from small cell densification, 5G, and CBRS LTE.