ZTE & China Unicom Complete World’s First 5G Call on a 5G Prototype Phone

ZTE Corporation, along with the Guangdong branch of China Unicom, have made world's first 5G call on a ZTE 5G prototype smartphone in Shenzhen. The test also completed the verification of diverse services, such as WeChat group voice call, online video and web browsing.

Known as "the City of Innovation", Shenzhen is one of the first 5G pilot cities of China Unicom. The trials are being conducted to verify the 5G network equipment's networking capabilities, special services, roaming and interconnection, and the inheritance of existing services in phases, thereby laying a solid foundation for the 5G whole network commercial construction.

The test adopts ZTE's 5G end-to-end solution, including radio access network, core network, transport network and intelligent device, realizing the connection with ZTE's 5G prototype smartphone in the field environment. Meanwhile, the test has verified several 5G key technologies such as Massive MIMO, 5G NR, NSA dual connectivity, FlexE transport technology and 5G Common Core.

As one of the world's leading telecommunications equipment providers, ZTE has been leading in 5G technology, 5G equipment and 5G product. The first call of ZTE's 5G prototype smartphone in the NSA mode conducted in China Unicom Shenzhen field was successful. Its 5G solution has passed the end-to-end test in the three months after the release of the 3GPP Rel-15. This showcases ZTE's strong competency in 5G R&D and commercialization, demonstrating their role as a reliable partner to global 5G operators and a key player in the 5G industry.