Sivers IMA WiGig Solution Used to Transfer HD Video Over Short Distances

Sivers IMA, along with its Japanese reseller, NetWell, and baseband partner CLOP Technologies, has signed a MoU with a Japanese company that provides radio technology in the medical equipment field. This company is planning on utilizing wireless data transfer technology in their new products.

Sivers IMA will participate in the development of an unlicensed 5G (WiGig) solution to be used for wireless transfer of high definition ultra sonic data. Even though the order value relating to the proof of concept phase is not significant, Anders Storm, the CEO of Sivers IMA Holding hopes to see this increase when the product starts to be deployed commercially. The proof of concept and live demonstration of the new solution based on Siver’s unlicensed 5G technology is planned for early autumn and, the first commercial deployments should be seen sometime in 2020.

According to Itaru Enomoto, President and CEO of NetWell Corp, the application requires very high data rates to transfer uncompressed high definition data over short distances. With Sivers IMA technology, with leading edge link budget performance, it is possible to build these solutions meeting the requirements for robustness and flexibility.