ETS Lindgren's Antenna Measurement Software Now Supports Keysight's UXM 5G Network Emulator

ETS-Lindgren’s CTIA-compliant EMQuest (EMQ 100) Antenna Measurement Software can now be used with Keysight's UXM 5G network emulator as part of an Over-the-Air (OTA) wireless device test system. Together, the EMQuest and the UXM 5G, will provide vital measurements for developers testing and perfecting 5G designs.

ETS-Lindgren's flexible approach to instrumentation is a key advantage for OTA labs. According to James Young, Director of Business Development with ETS-Lindgren, even though EMQuest is the main user interface, lab personnel often have a favored instrument brand or have existing instrumentation available. Their goal is thus, to support all major instrumentation manufacturers, and carry the tradition forward through 5G. He believes 5G's two path approach, centered on frequency range, will drive some amazing innovation in the test and measurement industry. And with their software and test chambers supporting Keysight's newest 5G instrumentation, ETS can offer customers a world-class solution in both the sub-6 GHz and the millimeter band.

ETS-Lindgren's Antenna Measurement Systems (AMS) lead the industry for CTIA compliance. 5G devices will require much deeper characterization of antenna systems than was needed for 4G. Requirements like MIMO, beam steering, LTE anchoring and the potential for dozens of antenna elements on each device will not come easily. An AMS from ETS-Lindgren can make these innovations possible by validating simulations and measuring design improvements.

ETS-Lindgren was also responsible for installing the world's first CTIA Authorized Test Lab. The company’s active contributions to the CTIA and other industry standards organizations has resulted in many "industry first" efforts that advance the technology for wireless device test and measurement. Their latest technical advancements include over 20 customized 5G New Radio (NR) test systems to meet specific user requirements.

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