Next Generation Nano-Satellites to Directly Communicate with IoT Devices

Myriota Pty has partnered with Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems to develop and launch multiple satellites in 2019, taking Myriota another step closer towards its goal of having a constellation of 50 nano-satellites.

Each satellite will run Myriota's unique, patented software which provides reliable, direct-to-satellite Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity for millions of users worldwide.

The satellites will allow customers to communicate with devices from anywhere on the planet using Myriota's low cost, long battery life, secure service while Myriota continues to build a constellation towards providing real-time connectivity.

The partnership will leverage Tyvak's experience in satellite development, launch brokering and on-orbit operations, with Myriota selecting Tyvak from more than a dozen worldwide providers for its agile approach and capabilities, security, and mission assurance.

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