Analog Devices Moves to Bigger Office in Raleigh, NC

Analog Devices is expanding its Raleigh, NC office and has moved to The Dillon in downtown Raleigh’s growing Warehouse District.

The Raleigh office is an ADI Center of Excellence focused on researching and developing the software-defined radio (SDR) systems that underpin modern wireless communication systems and infrastructures, including 5G networks. The office has doubled in size over the past five years and this move facilitates the office’s continued growth by accommodating more than 120 employees.

The SDR Group housed in Raleigh focuses on the embedded hardware, software, and related technologies found in current and next-gen wireless systems and networks. Analog Devices’ other North Carolina offices are in Greensboro and Cary, where the company conducts R&D on communications transceiver and power hardware, software, and applications. In all, the company currently has nearly 400 employees in the state.

Occupying 24,000 sq. ft. in The Dillon, ADI’s new office is significantly larger than its previous location and is conveniently located to major highways, Union Station, downtown Raleigh, and the numerous amenities of the vibrant Warehouse District.