MACOM to Showcase its 5G Portfolio at Mobile World Congress 2019

MACOM announced that they will be attending the Mobile World Congress 2019 in  in Barcelona, Spain from 25-28 February 2019.

To help carriers meet the explosive traffic demand for 5G Communications, MACOM is enabling the next generation of 5G Wireless Networking and Infrastructure Deployments with a broad portfolio spanning RF power amplifiers, RF Switches and LNA’s to a full suite of millimeter-wave components, optical and photonic semiconductors. They are helping carriers deliver not only their traffic growth requirements but also helping them to solve their size, weight, power and cost challenges.

MACOM is providing components that provide the required wideband performance, multiband operation and spectral efficiency for the next generation of wireless deployments. It offers highly efficient and broadband RF Power amplifiers, integrated Tx and Rx FEM modules and discrete products, plus optical and photonic components for backhaul and fronthaul, leveraging industry leading GaN-on-Silicon, AlGaAs, Indium Phosphide, and Etched Facet Technologies.  

Meet MACOM experts at MWC 2019 to learn more about:

  • The Trusted Name in High-Performance RF Components: Showcasing MACOM’s high-performance portfolio serving diverse markets, including wireless infrastructure and networking, radar, and high speed optical
  • Enabling the Next Generation of Wireless Basestations: Cutting-edge GaN-on-Si Integrated Doherty Power Amplifiers for M-MIMO and high-power Macro Basestations
  • Front-End Modules (FEMs): Delivering performance, size, and reliability for wireless networking leveraging proprietary switching technology and integration
  • Application Support: MACOM’s unparalleled customer support leverages decades of experience to solve complex problems
  • Cross Reference Tools: MACOM’s cross-reference tools will assist in finding MACOM products that are a substitute or alternate replacement to other manufacturers

Members of MACOM’s product management, engineering and applications teams will be available by appointment throughout the show.

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  • Country: United States
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