Bluetooth Low Energy Modules with Trapezoidal Printed Antenna Provide Superior Performance

u-blox has added new NINA-B306/316 modules with an integrated PCB antenna to its popular NINA-B3 Series of stand-alone Bluetooth 5 low energy modules. The trapezoidal printed antenna, a technology licensed from Proant AB, enables superior performance transmission and reception of data in a small form factor.

Bluetooth low energy is rapidly becoming the short-range wireless technology of choice for a broad range of IoT applications, thanks to its security and robustness, coupled with higher data rates, longer range, support for mesh networking and exceptionally low power demands. By moving the antenna to the PCB, manufacturers can now implement the NINA-B3 modules into even smaller form factors. The introduction of Bluetooth 5 makes the technology even more applicable to a range of IoT applications. The NINA-B306/316 modules, with their fully integrated PCB antenna and global certification, make implementing this powerful technology even easier.

The modules are fully pin and software compatible with the entire NINA series, giving manufacturers a seamless upgrade path as well as design options. Depending on the end application it may be more appropriate to use an external antenna, while for many a PCB antenna will offer technical and commercial benefits. With its small form factor measuring 10x15x2.2 mm, the NINA-B306/316 modules offer u-blox customers greater design freedom.

NINA-B306/316 samples are available and production is planned for March 2019.