Edgewater Patents for its Automatic Gain Control Multi-channel Communication Technology

Edgewater Wireless has received a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for a multichannel/wideband communications system. AGC enables Edgewater’s MCSR (WiFi Multi-Channel Single Radio) technology networks to deliver more effective, error-free reception and more efficient, data-rich transmission of multi-channel signals.

The company has more than 24 patents in its intellectual property portfolio, created to protect its unique MCSR (WiFi Multi-Channel Single Radio) approach to solving the problems of substandard WiFi and wireless performance in high-density residential and commercial environments. Edgewater’s patented techniques mitigate interference and result in reduced errors and re-transmissions in sending and receiving content – reducing lag or latency.

Low latency or the amount of data going through within a set period of time is critical for applications such as HD video, streaming and gaming. And with the inevitable increasing number of wireless devices and with the launch of 5G globally, the challenges of density will only get worse.

According to Andrew Skafel, President and CEO of Edgewater Wireless, the approval of the patent will further protect the company’s unique approach. The continuing growth of their IP portfolio has built a strong foundation for enhancing shareholder value and the company is pleased with its revenue growth exiting Q3’19 as it realizes the value of innovations.

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