Resonant to Demonstrate XBAR Technology Based Filters for 5G Mobile Devices

Resonant Inc, an innovative RF filter design company, has provided an update related to its breakthrough resonator technology, XBAR, which holds the potential for a new class of high-performance RF filters for 5G devices. The company’s XBAR resonators were first introduced in October of 2018 and they have made significant progress. The first filters using the XBAR resonators have been fabricated and current tests of these XBAR filters are demonstrating their capability to handle the wider pass-bands required for 5G.

A key requirement, and critical for the realization and adoption of 5G, is much larger bandwidth capability than is currently available from existing filters. As such, Resonant believes XBAR filters will enable faster adoption of 5G, from sub-6 GHz to up to 30 GHz – an annual market believed to be more than $10 billion.

XBAR Progress to Date

  • First filters using XBAR resonators have been fabricated
  • XBAR filters are successfully demonstrating greater than 500 MHz bandwidth at 5 GHz
  • XBAR filters have a significantly smaller form factor than competing dielectric-based filters

Dr. Victor Plessky, Resonant’s Director of Engineering at GVR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Resonant, has been invited to present a paper at IMS 2019, titled “Laterally Excited Bulk Wave Resonators (Xbars) Based on Thin Lithium Niobate Platelet for 5 GHz and 13 GHz Filters,” which presents measured data from XBAR resonators. The symposium will take place from June 2-7, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Members of Resonant’s management will also be attending the MWC 2019 in Barcelona from February 25-27 where they will demonstrate the performance of XBAR filters for 5G applications, to potential customers, analysts and media.