Molex Introduces Miniaturized 2.2-5 RF Connector System and Cable Assemblies

Molex has introduced new compact 2.2-5 RF Connector System and Cable Assemblies designed to deliver high frequency and low passive intermodulation (PIM). In conjunction with the 2.2-5 consortium, Molex developed the 2.25 form factor by adapting and miniaturizing the proven 4.3-10 form factor. Molex 2.2-5 RF Connectors are 53 percent smaller than 4.3-10 connectors, and capable of frequencies up to 6 GHz.

According to Darren Schauer, the Product Manager at Molex, existing connector form factors are pushing the power limits and space constraints in modern mobile telecommunications. Network designers need increasingly compact connectors, while still achieving low PIM. The 2.2-5 Connector System and Cable Assemblies are thus the ideal fit for compact antennas, mobile communications and wireless radio applications. The next generation of small RF connectors will enable service providers to build powerful mobile networks with the lowest interference over a range of distances.

Wireless and 5G network infrastructures require coaxial jumpers that can deliver premium electrical performance and robust environmental capabilities to withstand the elements. Molex 2.2-5 RF Cable Jumpers are factory fabricated and provide an IP68 NEMA rating when mated, protecting the connector system from dust and water ingress.

Molex offers custom assemblies integrating 2.2-5 Connectors in a range of mating options for design flexibility, ease of installation, and optimal electrical performance. The IP68 2.2-5 System features an air dielectric interface enabling superior bandwidth and low insertion loss in 5G networks and any application where space and signal capacities are critical.

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  • Country: United States
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