R&S Showcases Technological Independence & Digital Communications Sovereignty at IDEX 2019

At IDEX 2019Rohde & Schwarz, demonstrated its proficiency as a systems partner and integrator who plans, develops and implements secure communications architectures and networks. At the event, R&S presented its SOVERON solution that provides digital sovereignty throughout the chains of command for all branches of the armed forces. Held in Abu Dhabi from February 17 to 21, IDEX is an International Defence Exhibition and Conference.

Digital sovereignty and technological independence are extremely crucial for government customers with security-critical applications. SOVERON gives government customers a secure, high-performance network architecture consisting of state-of-the-art, innovative hardware and software, cryptology and intelligent routing. It takes into account their security and national interests and enables them to achieve information superiority. It ensures simple, platform-independent integration of existing and new systems and products. Rohde & Schwarz develops and manufactures the key components in house so that users are independent of third-party technologies and solutions.

The key feature of SOVERON is the Rohde & Schwarz software defined radio (SDR) technology based on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA). SOVERON SDRs are implemented as open platforms with strict separation between hardware (radios) and software (waveforms). This design allows both SCA-based waveforms such as SOVERON WAVE and third-party legacy waveforms to be ported to the radios, protecting customers' investments and providing backward compatibility with legacy radio systems. Since customers can create and modify the embedded encryption as well as the waveforms, they can set up secure communications channels to provide interoperability between different branches of the armed forces and between nations.

Rohde & Schwarz is presenting SOVERON at IDEX in hall 8, German Pavilion, booth C19.