Libelium and Ericsson Introduce NB-IoT Developer Kits

Leading IoT and sensor solutions provider, Libelium, will be exhibiting the integration of NB-IoT connectivity in its wireless sensor platform at MWC 2019 in Barcelona. The company, along with Ericsson, will present different development IoT kits to enable various proof of concepts.

In a market context that demands greater maturity and homogeneity in communication protocols, the integration of NB-IoT technology in Libelium's sensor platform is part of the company's new strategy to offer customized projects that require specific configurations. In its 13-year history, the company has integrated more than 15 communication protocols and understands the fragmentation of IoT market requires different protocols depending on the application. With this development, the company launches the first NB-IoT kits that will allow developers to easily test this technology and accelerate the IoT adoption thanks to its open source API. Libelium will show the new development kits at Ericsson's booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The NB-IoT connectivity, integrated in a module manufactured by Quectel, offers great reliability by including global coverage for all geographies and by its compatibility with three types of networks: NB-IoT, LTE-Cat-M and even current GPRS networks so fallback is ensured in case NB-IoT coverage is not possible at some point. Thus, for IoT projects deployed in rural areas where there is still low coverage of the NB-IoT network, this device will allow the use of other alternative communication technologies in addition to the possibility of location through the GNSS module included.

Libelium is working in collaboration with Ericsson to make the new NB-IoT connectivity compatible with the LWM2M protocol used by Ericsson in its configurations with this technology. NB-IoT technology offers features for sending data as important as long range and low battery consumption. When the NB-IoT network is fully deployed, this technology will allow long-range coverage even to areas where other protocols such as GPRS do not reach now.

Libelium offers, through The IoT Marketplace, two IoT kits with different configurations including hardware and NB-IoT connectivity so that project developers can test this technology and move towards scalability of investments.