MaxLinear Showcasing its RF Solutions for 5G Networks at MWC 2019

MaxLinear is showcasing its latest Wireless Access RF solutions along with its broad and unique portfolio aimed at enabling next-generation 5G networks at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

Over the next several years, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across the globe will be deploying advanced 5G networks to scale capacity and to support advanced services enabled by 5G technologies. Critical to the success of the worldwide 5G buildout is the availability of advanced solutions that address key challenges associated with next-generation wireless network infrastructure and services. To help solve these challenges, MaxLinear has developed a portfolio of innovative semiconductor building blocks targeting 5G infrastructure solutions in the areas of Radio Access deployment and capacity upgrade, wireless backhaul to the Core Network, power management for high-performance infrastructure equipment, and “last meter” deployment of 5G Fixed Wireless Broadband services.

High-Performance RF Solutions for 5G Active Antenna Systems

Radio networks supporting 5G and LTE-Advanced services are embracing Active Antenna Systems (AAS) with massive-MIMO and 3D beamforming capabilities to boost their efficiency of spectrum resource usage and maximize available over-the-air capacity. AAS systems incorporate several antenna elements into a compact antenna structure, which combined with the wide radio bandwidths of 5G, creates key challenges in terms of integration, power efficiency, and scalable radio performance. Network operators face similar power and bandwidth challenges to deploy advanced Multi-RAT Macro (MRM) radio head solutions that support legacy cellular standards (GSM, 3G, LTE etc.) in addition to 5G capabilities.

MaxLinear’s newly-launched MxL1500 and MxL1600 Wireless Access RF solutions deliver the integration, performance, and efficiency required by next-generation, high-capacity AAS and MRM radio systems. These advanced building blocks offer a highly-integrated Quad-RF engine, support up to 400MHz Tx bandwidth and feature class-leading power consumption.

Leadership Modem and RF Solutions for 5G RAN Wireless Backhaul

With the deployment of next-generation 5G New Radio (NR) networks in wide-bandwidth millimeter-wave spectrum, high-performance backhaul solutions are critical to supporting Gigabit-class throughput and massive over-the-air capacity available through 5G NR. MaxLinear's newest generation of wireless backhaul solutions, the MxL85650/MxL85110 modems, and MxL1105 RF transceiver, provide a complete, high-performance wireless backhaul solution with fiber-like throughput for 5G RAN infrastructure in both microwave and millimeter-wave spectrums. The solution supports up to 20Gbps link capacity with advanced features including 2GHz ultra-wideband channels, high-order modulation, and channel aggregation. MaxLinear wireless backhaul solutions also provide scalability up to E-band frequencies (57-86GHz) to enable MSOs to both upgrade existing wireless backhaul assets and undertake new wireless backhaul deployment for 5G RAN as spectrum availability allows.

Power Solutions for 5G Infrastructure

5G infrastructure equipment requires high-performance, energy-efficient power solutions to support dynamic, high-demand equipment workloads and high-efficiency operation to minimize thermal management challenges and operational costs. MaxLinear provides a broad portfolio of power management and power delivery solutions for infrastructure, enterprise, and data center applications that provide board area savings, high-efficiency operation and exceptional thermal performance for demanding 5G infrastructure applications.

Solving the “Last Meter” Challenge for 5G Fixed Wireless Broadband Services

5G New Radio in millimeter-wave spectrum is turbocharging the deployment of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services, offering MSOs the ability to create new revenue streams by providing wireline-class broadband speeds to homes without the need for a physical broadband line installation. However, higher-frequency cellular radio signals, such as those in 3.0 to 4.9 GHz cellular bands and millimeter-wave bands, are known to have problems penetrating building structures. This limitation creates a “last-meter” challenge to bridge the 5G FWA services from outside to inside the home. Until now, this problem has typically been addressed through a professional installation process which requires drilling through the wall of the building. Creating this physical connection is often impractical, cost- and labor- intensive, and considered undesirable by customers and building owners. MaxLinear’s AirPHY technology is an innovative solution to the “last-meter” problem. AirPHY provides a completely wireless, robust, point-to-point, multi-gigabit link capable of penetrating commonly used building materials, including concrete, wood, brick, and low-E glass. By utilizing advanced wireless communication technology, AirPHY helps MSOs to accelerate 5G FWA uptake by minimizing on-premise service time or even allowing consumers to perform self-installation, thereby eliminating the need for a truck roll or service call to the home for new service installations. Click here to read more about their solution.

MaxLinear is conducting briefings on its next-generation solutions portfolio for 5G infrastructure devices at MaxLinear’s meeting space at Mobile World Congress 2019.

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