5G mm-Wave Fixed Wireless Broadband Solution Provides 1 Gbps Through Windows

MaxLinear and SWR Technology, an innovative supplier of mid-distance wireless power solutions for smart devices, have launched a new solution that can deliver more than 1Gbps symmetrical data rate and up to 35W wireless power through triple-silver-coated low-emissivity (low-e) glass windows up to 35mm thick.

The new design allows 5G fixed wireless broadband (FWB) service providers to deploy gigabit broadband speeds using mmWave spectrum. With this solution, consumers can self-install small indoor/outdoor devices in the corner of a window, without drilling holes, without running new cables, and without needing a professional installation. The small, low-profile form factor enables aesthetically pleasing designs that will not obstruct views through the window.

The SWR Technology’s 2122N wireless power module uses its proprietary High Tolerance Resonance Transfer technology to transmit 20 Watts of power through standard or triple-silver-coated low-e glass up to 35mm thick. Future versions of the SWR module will support up to 35 Watts of wireless power with the same form-factor design. The SWR power modules are the first to address the challenges of dynamic load changes associated with 5G modems in an industry leading form-factor.

Gigabit symmetrical data transfer is accomplished with the MaxLinear MxL210x “AirPHY” transceiver. AirPHY operates over a wide frequency range and transmits at extremely low power, below the FCC’s radiated emissions limits. In addition to low-e window penetration, AirPHY can penetrate solid structural walls up to 1m thick.

The MaxLinear & SWR Technology wireless power & data solutions is on display at Mobile World Congress Barcelona this week.