MediaTek Using Skyworks’ Front End Chipsets in their 5G Reference Designs

Global fabless semiconductor company, MediaTek, will now be using the Sky5 suite from Skyworks for their new 5G reference platforms. Specifically, Skyworks’ complete 5G front-end architecture is being combined with MediaTek’s 5G baseband chipset to deliver highly integrated solutions targeting open market mobile products. The comprehensive sub-6 GHz system enables high-speed network experiences with optimized efficiency and near zero latency, empowering revolutionary emerging applications.

According to TL Lee, the General Manager of MediaTek’s wireless communications business unit, given Skyworks’ RF expertise and proven performance over successive wireless standards, they are a perfect complement to MediaTek for bringing breakthrough solutions to the market. Their strategic relationship has spanned from 2G to 4G/LTE Advanced and now 5G where they will create a solid foundation to address the complexities of 5G and deliver a powerful ecosystem.

According to Joel King, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Solutions at Skyworks, the company, with its Sky5 suite, is enhancing performance in a fully integrated system, facilitating seamless implementations and faster end-user equipment rollouts as demand for greater speeds and efficiency surges.

Sky5 is a unifying platform that is empowering revolutionary 5G applications. The unprecedented suite of highly flexible and customizable system solutions provide breakthrough performance, footprint and power efficiency transforming the way of living, working, playing and learning. The Sky5 suite includes highly integrated, high performance transmit/receive front-end solutions as well as diversity receive (DRx) modules. Specifically designed for new spectrum in the sub-6 GHz range, these products offer a MIPI interface, are baseband agnostic and comply with 3GPP standards.

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