5G mm-Wave Beam-Steering Antenna Array from 27.5 to 28.35 GHz

Taoglas has launched the KSF.410, a new 5G millimeter wave beam-steering antenna array targeting frequencies from 27.5 GHz to 28.35 GHz. The KSF.410 antenna uses beam-steering chipsets from Analog Devices and is configured to work with an algorithm to provide dynamic beam control. It has extremely robust amplitude and phase control with very fine beam tuning capabilities. This helps to increase the link quality and deliver the best signal propagation and reception for next generation use cases that demand extreme data speeds and capacity as well as higher reliability and lower latency.

Mobile network operators worldwide have begun buildout of 5G networks to keep pace with demand for high-throughput, low-latency connectivity for both enterprise and consumer use cases, ranging from smart transportation and connected car to smart homes, electric vehicle charging and mobile payment systems. Taoglas’ beam-steering technology changes the economics of next-generation wireless networks by extending coverage and increasing throughput exponentially while requiring less equipment.

Additional capabilities of the KSF.410 include:

  • Wide-azimuth coverage; +/-60 degrees beam scan
  • Peak Gain: 17dBi
  • 16-element array with full amplitude and phase control at each element
  • Compact package at 105 x 35 x 1 mm

For more information about the Taoglas 5G NR antenna range, click here.

Taoglas is showcasing this new antenna array at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, and at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany.