Skyworks Unveils Sky5 LiTE for Universal 5G Deployments

At Mobile World Congress, Skyworks Solutions has introduced the industry’s first fully integrated front-end solution for mass market 5G cellular applications. The Sky5 LiTE solution provides improved RF performance in a uniquely compact package that simplifies designs, enabling faster deployment. The baseband agnostic platform supports up to 100 MHz wide bandwidth of 5G new radio (NR) waveforms with flexible power management options—delivering high-speed network experiences with optimized efficiency and near zero latency.

Targeted for mass markets, Sky5 LiTE interfaces with all leading chipset providers and equips early 5G adopters with differentiated architectures for an open ecosystem – the favored approach when compared with closed, sole-sourced RF front-end products. With the recent introduction of Sky5 Ultra for premium applications, Skyworks offers the most comprehensive 5G portfolio in the market.

According to the Global Mobile Suppliers Association, 201 operators in 83 countries are investing in 5G mobile and fixed wireless access networks in the form of tests, trials, pilot deployments and launches.

About Sky5 LiTE

All Sky5 solutions support new 5G NR waveforms and spectrum in addition to enhanced carrier aggregation and 4G/5G dual connectivity, while delivering exceptional levels of integration and performance. Functional core blocks include:

Primary Transmit (Regional)

  • SKY5 -8255 – Dual chain N77/N79 ultra high band power amplifier with integrated low noise amplifier and filters (LPAMiF)
  • SKY5 -8254 – N41 high band power amplifier with integrated filter (PAMiF)
  • SKY5 -8091-11 – Low band 4G/5G power amplifier module with four integrated duplexers (PAMiD) and 2G support
  • SKY5 -8095-11 – Mid/High PAMiD with eight integrated duplexers/filters
  • SKY5 -8096-11 – Mid/High PAMiD with nine integrated duplexers/filters and antenna swap functionality

Diversity/MIMO (Regional)

  • SKY5 -3735 – Low/Mid/High band diversity receive (DRx) module
  • SKY5 -3728 – Ultra high band N77/79 DRx/MIMO module with SRS support

Antenna Management Core

  • SKY5 -9269 – SP4T 80v aperture tuning and RF distribution switch
  • SKY5 -9256 – 4 x SPST 45v aperture tuning switch
  • SKY5 -9699 – DPDT antenna swap switch
  • SKY5 -9260 – SP4T 60v aperture tuning and RF distribution switch

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Skyworks is at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. They are in the Executive Meeting Area in Hall 2, 2G3Ex and 2G5Ex at MWC Barcelona.

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