Ossia Demonstrates Improved Cota 5.8 GHz Wireless Power Solution

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Ossia is demonstrating its improved wireless power system called the Cota 5.8 GHz. Cota Real Wireless Power is power delivered over the air, without cables, charging pads, or line of sight. Cota works very similarly to WiFi, except instead of sending data, the system sends power. The Cota Power Receiver, embedded into any device initiates the ‘conversation’ by sending a beacon signal (see diagram below) to find a Cota Power Transmitter. The transmitter then sends power back in the same exact paths. This ‘conversation’ between device and transmitter happens 100x/second, to send power safely to devices at a distance while in motion. All Cota-enabled devices in an area can receive power simultaneously.

The Cota Power Transmitter at 5.8 GHz offers increased distance and power over the 2.4 GHz system, to accommodate more use cases. It can be used in a variety of commercial and consumer IoT, due to its smaller, higher efficiency antennas that fit in space-constrained devices and deliver more targeted power over greater distances.

Ossia is a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Wireless Devices, Accessories, and Services category for the Cota Forever Sleeve and a 2019 Edison Award Finalist. Cota 5.8 GHz Wireless Power technology is available for license.

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