RFS Launches Compact Lightweight Small Cell Diplexers

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has displayed its extremely compact and lightweight FDPL and FDPAW Series of ShareLite small cell diplexers. The robust, high-performance diplexers set new industry benchmarks for small size and low weight, making them the ideal solution for mobile operators looking to densify their networks and deploy small cells in increasingly tight spaces.

As end-user demand continues to grow and technology continues to shrink, small cell solutions that can be concealed within streetlights and flagpoles or strand mounted are key to helping operators densify their networks and evolve to 5G. Incorporating small cell solutions into neutral host networks that provide a single infrastructure for multiple operators is proving to be an ideal way to take advantage of increasingly smaller spaces.

The FDPL and FDPAW Series of ShareLite small cell diplexers give site integrators the performance and flexibility needed when deploying shared infrastructure in the most space-constrained locations. They provide:

  • Best-in-class PIM levels (-161 dBc) and power handling (200 W)
  • Very low insertion loss (0.2 dB)
  • Guaranteed isolation between ports (FDPL: 40 dB / FDPAW: 30 dB)
  • Available with 4.3-10, Nex10, and 2.2-5 connectors

The robust small cell diplexers are also designed to operate in challenging outdoor environments:

  • IP67 class protection with a vented enclosure avoids the effects of condensation and pressure instability
  • Built-in lightning protection further increases reliability

RFS ShareLite diplexers are available in single, dual and quad configurations with the smallest models weighing less than half a kilogram (less than one pound).

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