These Base Station Antennas Provide Highest Capacity Gains in Multiple LTE Commercial Networks

Wireless solutions developer, Blue Danube Systems, has announced significant results from multiple new FDD deployments in commercial networks with live traffic. These multi-unit installations show more than 2.5 times higher cellular capacity and significantly increased user throughputs for both legacy LTE terminals as well as new generation smartphones.

Blue Danube’s BeamCraft 500 antennas have been deployed in 4G LTE networks in dense urban megacities and other areas with high traffic load nearing full bandwidth utilization. The systems exploited intelligent analytics-based multi-site optimization, and the performance was measured directly from the operators’ network performance management systems. The results exhibit increasing gains with the number of units deployed and highlight the benefits of multi-site optimization and coordination.

Consistent performance improvements were observed across all multi-site deployments where BeamCraft units faced each other and intercell coordination can be fully exploited, with capacity gains reaching and exceeding 2.5X over the whole cluster. In addition, the Blue Danube deployments increased average user download speeds and extended 4G LTE service to previously underserved areas, providing improved indoor coverage to high demand location including hospitals, mass transit terminals and high-rise buildings with vertical beamforming.

Blue Danube’s unique Coherent Massive MIMO system has been deployed by five 4G LTE operators worldwide and has been in commercial network operation in North America since 2016 serving thousands of users and carrying hundreds of gigabytes of data traffic daily. In addition to solving capacity challenges in today’s 4G LTE networks, Blue Danube’s products are fully compatible and software upgradable to support 5G NR. The company is extending the technology capability to support TDD bands, starting with 2.5 and 3.5 GHz frequencies and enable FD-MIMO operation in future products.

According to Mark Pinto, the President and CEO of Blue Danube Systems, the results clearly showcase the unmatched performance of their Coherent Massive MIMO technology. There are no other solutions available in the market with the same level of performance in live commercial operation. The flexibility of Blue Danube’s solution enables unique capabilities from vertical beamforming to on-demand capacity with dynamic time-of-day beamforming. The company has proven its technology for FDD mode and is now expanding its capability to TDD as well as higher frequency bands.

The company was participating at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, from February 25-28.

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