RADWIN Deploys Multiple Trials of Terragraph-Based 60 GHz Mesh Solution

RADWIN has announced the deployment of its self-organizing wireless mesh Terragraph solution in multiple trial sites globally. Terragraph is a 60 GHz multi-node wireless system introduced by Facebook that, delivers a low-cost solution for high-speed wireless access, complementing metro fiber. Earlier, U.S-based Agile Networks - a long-standing RADWIN service provider customer - announced the new pilot deployment of RADWIN's Terragraph solution to address the bandwidth challenge in Ohio, U.S. Terragraph is developed in close collaboration with Facebook and Intel.

RADWIN's mmWave mesh solution will enable service providers to deliver high-speed, multi-gig wireless access services to homes and businesses in urban and suburban environments, expanding service providers' network coverage beyond the fiber footprint. The inherent flexibility of the 60 GHz self-organizing mesh network ensures high network resiliency and service availability and enables supporting a wide array of deployment use cases by overcoming range and LoS limitations and enabling efficient and cost-effective network expansion.

According to Sharon Sher, RADWIN's President and CEO, Terragraph's advanced technology, feature-set, cost structure and unique mesh architecture makes it the optimal wireless solution to drive multi-gig services in urban and suburban environments and complement fiber deployments. RADWIN is experiencing very strong demand from global customer base as well as from new service providers and is happy to announce solution availability, next quarter, for trials and pilots.


  • Country: United States
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