Keysight Partners with Germany’s Nordsys to Collaborate on V2X/C-V2X Testing Solutions

Keysight has announced a partnership agreement with German-based intelligent mobility solutions provider, Nordsys GmbH, to combine the two companies cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) and testing competences. The companies signed a license agreement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that will enable Keysight's test solutions to include central software components from Nordsys for testing V2X systems. The partnership includes test solutions for long-term evolution-vehicle (LTE-V), as well as 5G in the future.

According to Manfred Miller, managing partner of Nordsys, the agreement with Keysight is an important step for Nordsys’ current V2X licensing business. The modern software architecture of V2X stack and the entire Nordsys waveBEE Ecosystem fits perfectly into the system architecture of Keysight's test solutions. Keysight's decision, after extensive benchmarks for waveBEE solution, shows that software architecture meets the requirements of international partners perfectly.

The waveBEE Stack is the central communication component for networking vehicles with each other (V2V) or with the infrastructure (V2I). Communication with the environment is regarded as one of the key technologies for automated driving. In terms of the software architecture, the waveBEE stack is designed to provide a uniform interface for various target markets (North America, Europe, China) and their standards.

Original equipment manufacturers and suppliers will receive a V2X test platform that meets all the requirements of the automotive industry for comprehensive testing. Combining Keysight's C-V2X Test Solution with the modular and proven waveBEE stack equips customers for future applications and transmission technologies, such as hybrid communication.

Keysight’s C-V2X Test Solution addresses protocol test and functional test of both key interfaces: Uu and PC5. The foundation of the solution is the proven Keysight UXM 5G platform which supports R14 LTE-A C-V2X end-to-end design and test enabling the automotive industry to accelerate C-V2X product design development from the physical layer to the application layer and across the entire workflow from simulation, design and verification. The company offers common software and hardware platforms compliant to the latest 3GPP standards, including 5G New Radio (NR), enabling the ecosystem to quickly and accurately validate C-V2X and 5G chipsets and devices, as well as the ability to emulate multiple vehicle test scenarios.

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