Semtech Demonstrates its LoRa Technology Innovations at Embedded World 2019

At Embedded World 2019 in Nuremburg, Germany, Semtech demonstrated its latest LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology. The company’s exhibit consisted of multiple demonstrations including embedding LoRa-based sensors to remotely monitor doors, windows and rooms for open/closed status and occupancy.

According to Marc Pegulu, Vice President of Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, millions of end devices running on Semtech’s LoRa Technology were deployed in 2018, connecting a plethora of 'Things' to the Cloud to enable smarter solutions worldwide. The continued deployment of LoRa-based solutions and growth of the ecosystem present LoRa Technology as the proven platform of choice for IoT solutions. In the demonstrations at Embedded World, Semtech plans to empower companies to further create and deploy smarter solutions with LoRa Technology.

The demonstrations at Embedded World provide an example of how LoRa Technology can be used to collect data from LoRa-enabled sensors up to 30 miles. Real-time analysis of the data is presented on a graphical dashboard to show the facility manager conditions throughout one or more buildings, and measure a favorable return on investment (ROI) for each. First launched by Semtech for private and public networks in 2013, LoRa Technology is utilized to solve some of the biggest connectivity challenges in multiple industries including smart building, smart cities, smart supply chain and logistics, smart utility metering, and smart agriculture.

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  • Country: United States
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