Cambium Networks to Integrate Facebook’s Terragraph Into 60 GHz Wireless System

Cambium Networks in collaboration with Facebook is building high-speed connectivity solutions based on Facebook’s Terragraph technology. The Terragraph connectivity technology will be embedded in Cambium Networks' upcoming cnWave 60 GHz multi-node wireless system, bringing high-speed gigabit connectivity to urban areas.

Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO of Cambium Networks, believes multi-mode 60 GHz solutions with the built-in resiliency of Terragraph, will enable rapid, cost-effective last mile connectivity, increasing access network capacities and delivering a much richer application experience for end users.

Cambium has invested in significant R&D to create 14x14 Multi-user Multiple-input, Multiple-output (MU-MIMO) radio technology, which makes it well positioned to innovate on 60 GHz wireless spectrum. Combining Cambium Networks' history of wireless innovation and product delivery with Facebook's Terragraph technology gives customers highly efficient and resilient mesh networks built over a strong foundation of wireless deployments.

cnWave is the forthcoming member of Cambium Networks' wireless fabric family of solutions. The 60 GHz (V band) compact form factor cnWave nodes are easily mounted on street furniture and are capable of operating in Point-to-point (PTP), in Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) or in efficient mesh modes, for last mile access to subscriber homes, enterprises, multi-dwelling buildings, CCTV networks, public Wi-Fi networks or potentially as backhaul for small cell 4G or 5G network traffic.