IDT Unveils Active Antenna System Solutions for for 4G and 5G Network Rollouts

Integrated Device Technology is expanding its position in the growing market for Active Antenna Systems (AAS), which are critical for the massive MIMO-based cellular base stations that carriers worldwide are using to deliver 4G and 5G services. IDT AAS solutions include interface amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, switches and pre-drivers to address the high performance transmit and receive requirements of massive MIMO with the highest efficiencies in the smallest form factors.

This product portfolio offers telecom equipment manufacturers several advantages, including the ability to optimize performance for their unique operating condition requirements, such as linearity versus current consumption. Complementing this, the devices also deliver stability over a wide range of environmental conditions and frequency bandwidths. IDT's Smart Silicon integration allows for small form factors for a given board function, a critical advantage for a large number of antenna paths required by each system.

The AAS portfolio includes the recently released IDT F0424 high-gain broadband amplifier, an ideal solution for macro base stations, massive MIMO, repeaters, small cell, and test equipment. 

The F0424 is complemented by the following devices which are sampling now:

  • F0453 – a highly integrated and high-performance dual path 3.5GHz RF switch with low-noise amplifier (LNA) and gain control that addresses the requirements of next-generation systems
  • F0452 – a dual path 2.6GHz RF switch with low-noise amplifier (LNA) and gain control that is highly integrated and has the high performance that next-generation systems require
  • F1478 – a high gain pre-driver that covers all key sub-6GHz frequency bands and power modes with stable operation
  • F1129 – a differential high-gain receive amplifier with flat wideband response in a compact form factor that requires minimal external BOM components for operation
  • F1429 – a compact differential high-gain transmit amplifier with flat wideband response and which requires minimal BOM components for operation

Click here for more information about the Active Antenna Systems (AAS) solutions from IDT.

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