Quantenna & NXP to Develop Wi-Fi 6 Solutions

Quantenna has partnered with NXP Semiconductors to develop comprehensive platforms for the Wi-Fi 6 market. The platforms include hardware, software and a set of reference designs for integrated residential gateways, routers, and repeaters, as well as enterprise, industrial and outdoor applications. These designs combine Quantenna’s Wi-Fi 6 products, QSR10GU-AX PLUS, and QSR5GU-AX PLUS, with NXP’s Layerscape processors, including LS1043A and LS1046A multicore processors. They offer high levels of Wi-Fi performance with up to 10 Gbps throughput, a high-performance networking stack with extra security features, support for IoT technologies such as Bluetooth and NFC, and processing headroom for customer applications.

Quantenna’s QSR10GU-AX PLUS (12-stream) and QSR5GU-AX PLUS (9-stream) provide integrated dual-band, dual-concurrent 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz functionality in the same chipset, and support speeds up to 10 Gbps for the QSR10GU-AX Plus. Both chipset families include the SmartScan feature, which offers enhanced radar detection and spectrum analyzer capabilities with wide frequency range analysis. These families also support advanced MU-MIMO schemes, allowing for transmission to multiple devices at the same time.

The pin-compatible NXP LS1043A and LS1046A are quad-core, 64-bit Arm-based processors designed for high-performance communication systems. They offer up to 45,000 Coremarks of CPU performance and include on-chip packet and crypto acceleration for up to 20 Gbps routing throughput. Supported by NXP’s rich software solutions and pre-integrated with optimized host drivers for Quantenna Wi-Fi, these platforms bring enterprise-class performance to multiple applications.