Rohde & Schwarz Partners with Eta Wireless to Develop Power-Efficient 5G Handsets

Rohde & Schwarz has signed an agreement with mobile power solutions expert, Eta Wireless, to support a new digital supply modulation technique that provides power management for the signal bandwidth required by 5G NR and mm-Wave devices. This allows power amplifier developers and manufacturers to develop solutions with less power dissipation and cut PA power use by up to 50%.

The R&S SMW200A vector signal generator and the R&S FSW signal and spectrum analyzer, which offer state-of-the-art power amplifier and front end module and system level testing, can now be used to characterize and integrate ETAdvanced power management solutions. The integration leverages SMW200A for digital envelope support with ETA PMIC families: ETA5 for LTE/5G-NR, ETA6 for Wi-Fi and ETA7 for 5G mmWave. In addition, ETAdvanced Deployment System software integrates Rohde & Schwarz support with its full characterization and calibration suite.

ETAdvanced is the industry's first power management solution for ultra-wide bandwidth 5G mmWave devices. It supports 800 MHz bandwidth scenarios and enables mobile devices to take full advantage of the new 5G standard by minimizing the impact on battery life.

Supporting higher complexity 5G systems operating at mmWave frequencies with high fidelity forces power amplifiers to consume significantly more power and waste a major part of their energy as heat. However, legacy techniques such as analog envelope tracking, commonly used in the current generation of mobile phones to extend battery life, will face challenges in the face of the wider bandwidths foreseen for 5G.

Eta Wireless is solving the fundamental power challenges in the mobile communications industry. Today's smartphones, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are highly energy inefficient and typically waste most of the power consumed as heat. Eta’s ETAdvanced, dramatically reduces energy consumption to significantly extend the battery life of all wireless communication devices. Unlike legacy analog envelope tracking technologies, ETAdvanced supports new gigabit communication standards for 5G, LTE Advanced, and WiFi.

Based on breakthrough research by two MIT professors, Eta Wireless is headquartered in Cambridge, MA. The founders of Eta Wireless previously built Eta Devices, a company providing proven power management solutions for mobile base stations. Nokia acquired Eta Devices in October 2016.