Echodyne Showcases 3D Detection Capable Radar at UK’s Security & Counter Terror Expo

Echodyne is showcasing its groundbreaking Metamaterial Electronically Scanning Array (MESA) radar at the Security Counter & Terror Expo in London from March 5-6, 2019. Based on MESA technology, EchoGuard brings next-generation 3D sensor performance and software-defined customization to the security market. Ruggedized hardware supports long-range detection, and the onboard Acuity software optimizes radar performance for specific installations and threats. A hierarchy of output data types supports everything from track-based camera cueing to deep sensor fusion or machine learning using the radar’s raw range-velocity data-cubes.

Echodyne radars offer an unprecedented degree of 3-D situational awareness by accurately detecting and tracking ground and air intrusions. Echodyne is the first to offer high-performance ESA radar in a compact size, making it commercially affordable and scalable for the largest facilities.

Echodyne radars have received international recognition for deployments in government and base security, public safety, and border applications. Recently, the US Department of Homeland Security transitioned Echodyne’s radar technology to U.S. Customs and Border Protection operations.

UK's leading national security event, Security Counter & Terror Expo, is a world-class showcase of the capabilities, strategies and intelligence to keep nations, infrastructure, business and people safe. It continues to be committed to the National Security strategy and runs in close correspondence with the Government agencies, national operators and local authorities who work in tandem to execute the CONTEST Strategy.