Teledyne Provides Critical Communication Products for Airbus OneWeb Satellites Program

Teledyne Defence & Space, part of the Teledyne Defense Electronics group has developed and provided critical microwave communication products to support Airbus OneWeb Satellites’ mega constellation to bridge the digital divide. The first six satellites and supporting payload were launched on February 27, on Soyuz VS21.

Teledyne’s $95 million production contract was awarded in 2018 and follows an initial development award received in June 2016. Production is expected to continue through 2021. Teledyne Defence & Space will provide flexible channelisers, also known as converters, for each of the Airbus OneWeb Satellites, as well as microwave and millimeter wave filter assemblies.

According to Al Pichelli, President and Chief Executive Officer of Teledyne, the company is delighted to provide an enabling technology in support of Airbus OneWeb Satellite’s landmark initiative to build the world’s largest satellite constellation to provide affordable high speed internet connectivity worldwide. Under the contract, Teledyne is delivering innovative, compact converters for a high performance space application and doing so with commercial affordability.

Teledyne Defence & Space is a leader in the design and development of microwave/RF components and subsystems, including channelisers/converters, filters, digital electronic sensors and arrays and other advanced technologies. It is known for its agile design and manufacturing processes and specialist expertise in electronic warfare, radar, communications and other commercial and military applications.

Airbus and OneWeb satellites have teamed up to design and manufacture up to 900 satellites for the OneWeb constellation, which would provide affordable high-speed Internet access across the globe. The plan calls for satellites of less than 150kg each that features fewer electrical connections between subsystems than is typical of today’s satellites.

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