Low-Profile Antenna for LTE & FirstNet, UHF and GNSS Applications

Mobile Mark Antenna Solutions has introduced a new low-profile combination antenna (LLPG304 Series) that covers LTE & FirstNet, UHF and GNSS applications.

This 3-cable surface mount antenna is designed specifically for Public Safety applications. It covers the frequency range from 694-4200 MHz, including bands for Cellular, LTE, FirstNet, and 5G-ready applications such as CBRS (Citizen Band Radio Services) at 3.7 GHz. The antenna offers 3 dBi peak gain from 694-960 MHz and 4 dBi peak gain from 1710-4200 MHz.

The UHF element on the LLPG304 Series antenna covers the popular 450-470 MHz band with 3 dBi gain, and the GNSS geolocation element covers both GPS & Glonass (1575 & 1602 MHz). The GNSS element offers 5 dBi gain with a 26-dB amplifier.

The antenna measures 9” long by 3 ½” wide by only 1 ¼” tall (23 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm). The Public Safety community will appreciate the fact the LLPG304 Series antenna is narrow enough to fit between the roof ridges on the Ford Explorer and on other vehicles with height or width restrictions. The antenna is available in either black or white to fit with most vehicle color preferences.

The antenna is surface mounted through a 7/8” diameter hole. The stud is ¾” long and mounts to surfaces up to ½” thick.

The LLPG304 is designed to meet Industrial and Military shock & vibration standards IEEE1478, EN 61373, MIL-810G and TIA 329.2-C. It can handle up to 100 Watts of power and meets IPx7 Water Ingress rating.

The LLPG304 Series combination antenna offers efficient, high-performance coverage on LTE & FirstNet, UHF and GNSS in a low-profile package and brings styling and practicality to Public Safety mobile communications.