Plextek RFI Upgrades its RF-on-Wafer Clean Room Facilities

Plextek RFI has extended its RF-on-wafer (RFOW) clean room facilities at its design center in Cambridge for the evaluation of both packaged and unpackaged semiconductor devices.

The new capability, according to Liam Devlin, CEO of Plextek RFI, includes equipment suitable for the evaluation of ICs - either as bare die, on un-diced wafers or packaged - and modules, at frequencies up to 50 GHz. In addition to their RFOW probe station with vector network analyzer and spectrum analyzer for the characterization of ICs and modules, the company also has a fully-automated IP3 measurement set-up.

Plextek RFI is a UK-based design house specializing in the design and development of RFICs, MMICs and microwave/mmWave modules. It has designed over 100 custom ICs at frequencies ranging from baseband to 100GHz and are a third party design house for Wolfspeed, GCS, Qorvo and WIN. Its designs are used in a wide range of applications from test instrumentation to infrastructure equipment and very high volume consumer wireless devices.

The company has in-house test facilities for both bare die (RFOW) and SMT packaged components. Its microwave and mmWave module development activity encompasses a wide range of technologies including conventional SMT on laminate substrates, High Density Interconnect (HDI), chip and wire, thin film, thick film and LTCC.

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