Norsat Introduces New Products to Address 5G Interference Issues

Norsat International has released a family of products and solutions to address interference issues for the forthcoming introduction of 5G within the C-band spectrum. This new series of products is ideally suited for existing installations or new installations needing to mitigate interference with the onset of 5G.

The new 5G interference product family includes:

  • 3200-BPF: This family of C-band phase-locked loop (PLL) LNBs can mitigate 5G signals up to -20 dBm with no performance degradation.  This high-performance LNB can be used in conjunction with our BPF-C filters for greater rejection
  • BPF-C Band Pass Filter: It is available in a variety of frequency ranges with variable rejection offerings
  • Custom LNB and Filters: As every installation is unique depending on the antenna position relative to the 5G source, Norsat can also provide custom variants of these products to meet special requirements
  • Solutions: Norsat is offering consulting services to provide complete solutions for existing networks experiencing 5G issues. 

Norsat will be launching and showcasing these products at the CABSAT show in Dubai from March 12-14 at booth #G7-32, as well as at NAB in Las Vegas from April 5-8. These products are available now for order with first shipments scheduled for Q2 2019.

Click here to view Norsat's C-Band Interference products.

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