The Wolverine - A Highly Capable Reconfigurable RF Processor for Space Platforms

SEAKR Engineering, one of the leading provider of advanced electronics for space applications, has introduced a new RF Reconfigurable processor for advanced space communications applications called the Wolverine. The Wolverine is a highly capable reconfigurable RF processor, based on 20 nm UltraScale FPGAs and the latest generation of ADC/DAC devices. Current production units provide 3.2 Gsps to 4.5 Gsps and development efforts are underway to provide a 10x increase in direct RF sampling. 

Highlights of the new RF reconfigurable processor include, full redundancy, two PowerPC single board computers with TRL-9 design heritage, three reconfigurable processor boards, two power modules, and scalability to 8 RF processor modules. Each RF processor includes three UltraScale FPGAs and provides four RF input/output ports per module as well as primary and redundant reference oscillator inputs. The ASIC-class Kintex FPGAs are interconnected with 12 Gbps SERDES links enabling high-throughput, flexible and reconfigurable modulation, demodulation, channelization and routing capability.

SEAKR's processing systems span four generations of architectural capability supporting the full spectrum of payload processing performance requirements, with the highest level of on-orbit reconfigurable processing capability in the industry. Through implementation of its architectural level and device level radiation mitigation techniques, which enable high-reliability use of commercial components, the Wolverine hardware platform is a high-availability RF communication processor applicable to a wide range of missions and orbits.

Pulling from its established heritage capabilities, strength in RF communications, along with the continuous product and architectural advancement, SEAKR continues to define leading edge, state-of-practice processing systems in partnership with Government, Civil and Commercial entities. The company’s previous study and prototype advancements have successfully contributed to its customer's ability to solve complex challenges imperative in advancing capability to meet today's most daunting mission objectives. Key technologies being deployed and leveraged include: ADC and DAC Technologies, ASIC-based Processing Technologies, and FPGA-Based Processing Technologies.