UL Unveils Larger 10 Meter Chamber for RF & EMC Testing

Global certification and testing leader, UL, has introduced a new 10m chamber for RF and EMC testing. The new chamber allows the company to test a larger array of equipment and will provide more accurate results.

Located at the Fremont campus (in the United States), the first-of-its-kind chamber for UL will allow for more product types and sizes to be tested at one location. Typically, RF and EMC tests encounter a lot of interference or noise from other devices, which detracts from the test results. The new 10m chamber has a free field area to ensure background noise is minimized.

In addition to ensuring better results, the new chamber has made the Fremont campus a one-stop-shop for RF and EMC testing. With medical electrical experts on hand, the basic safety and essential performance requirements of the base and particular standards can be monitored and adhered to.

In the past UL’s CISPR 11 only allowed small sized equipment to be tested in the 3m chamber. With the addition of the 10m chamber, larger sized and greater power capacity testing is possible. Some of this includes:

  • Power capacity - High-current DC distribution to all test locations
  • Numerous dedicated AC and DC sources for simultaneous high-power testing
  • 100+ KVA available in 10m chamber

UL now also has the capability for large, heavy system testing due to features such as:

  • 5m diameter 13,500lb capacity turntable in 10m chamber
  • Grade-level path from receiving to turntable
  • 8' x 8' door opening in 10m chamber

The greater physical capacity means a much shorter turn-around time for proper testing of more sizes. With the chamber's ability to reduce noise and the on-hand experts, the accuracy and viability of the results will be more conclusive.