New Indoor Distributed Antenna System Targets 5G Rollouts

Telewave Inc, a leading provider of RF and wireless systems equipment, has introduced an indoor Distributed Antenna System (iDAS) product family called iDAS Appeal. Incorporating advanced materials and RF engineering expertise, Telewave’s iDAS offers a low PIM (passive intermodulation), durable, efficient and economical solution.

As major telcos and in-building communication providers roll out their 5G services, the Telewave iDAS Appeal solution, offers systems integrators, architects, and infrastructure developers an attractive solution that covers all key selection criteria. The company has now enhanced 5G performance for mobile users, increased the number of public safety VHF/UHF and FirstNet bands for emergency first responders, and added Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) to ensure not only extra capacity, but also to accommodate massive in-building IoT deployment.

The offering includes Telewave’s industry leading wide range of donor antennas (usually for roof tops) in conjunction with advanced components such as passive elements needed for in-building wireless communication systems, including low PIM high efficiency ceiling and wall mounted antennas, low PIM low loss wide-band power splitters, low PIM and low loss hybrid and directional couplers, and low PIM termination loads.

Of particular note in the iDAS package is the Appeal antenna, which offers wide bandwidth, good gain, an optimal omnidirectional propagation pattern and high efficiency. Its novel design and its superior performance minimize the number of antennas needed to cover desired coverage areas and frequencies, hence minimizing cost of equipment and implementation. The iDAS Appeal suite’s in-building antenna serves ultra-wideband coverage such as UHF-SHF-LTE-WiFi CBRS and sub 6GHz 5G frequencies suitable for public safety and FirstNet, Commercial Wireless and WiFi Applications, as well as growing industrial IoT, CBRS and 5G markets.

The Appeal antenna is small in size and aesthetically pleasing, designed for customers who need gear with a modern low profile without having to sacrifice performance.

Telewave developed the iDAS Appeal suite in response to the growing demand from service operators to deploy IOT for in-building applications to reduce operational costs, improve public safety, and to enhance tenant experiences. The strategy is backed by industry research, such as the Memoori Research Report, The Internet of Things in Smart Commercial Buildings 2018 to 2022, which projects that the combined global market for the Internet of Things in Buildings (BIoT) will rise dramatically from $34.8B at the end of 2017 to $84.2B by 2022.

According to Telewave, there are a plethora of new types of sensors that are intelligent, capable of processing and capturing more data, and continuously sending information for remote monitoring, AI, and predictive analytics. All this data expansion requires increased bandwidth within the building, with an urgent need for higher quality, more robust but advanced RF subsystems that seamlessly integrate with sensors. That combination is Telewave’s sweet spot. The company offers the best price/performance of iDAS antennas in this class.

By supporting the CBRS and CBRS_ONGO, Telewave’s solution allows carriers to add coverage and capacity, and boost data rates on a licensed, unlicensed or dual basis. The offering also provides an alternative path for IoT connectivity and changes the way Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are owned and operated by neutral hosts.


  • Country: United States
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