Omniair Members Collaborate to Provide Cellular-V2X Application Layer Test Platform

Rohde & Schwarz has entered into a collaboration with automotive E/E networking specialist Vector on a mobile vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) application layer test platform. The integrated test platform developed by the companies, was showcased for the first time at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. It combines the R&S CMW500 network simulator and the R&S SMBV100A/B GNSS simulator operating together with Vector’s CANoe .Car2x, a software tool for simulation, development, and test of V2X-based Communication Applications. The test platform is designed to configure and run traffic scenarios to comprehensively test the physical layer 3GPP Rel. 14 up to the application layer of C-V2X ECUs in a lab environment.

Rohde & Schwarz expanded the functionalities of its R&S CMW500 LTE network simulator and R&S SMBV100A/B GNSS simulator to operate with Vector CANoe .Car2x, a software tool for simulation, development, and test of V2X-based communication applications. The platform enables engineers to easily verify critical safety-related V2X scenarios in a lab environment.

The platform uses the C-V2X software package for the R&S CMW500 to simulate the Physical and MAC-layer, transmitting and receiving data over the simulated PC5 interface. This covers ideal, faded and congested channel conditions to the device under test (DUT). In its existing form, the platform supports both GNSS and PSSS/SSSS sidelink synchronization options.

The combined platform covers all layers – the complete stack, 3GPP Radio Access Layers for C-V2X Mode 4, region-specific ITS protocol layers such as EU ITS-G5 and US. For more information, click here.