New 5G Antennas to Help Customers Easily Add Support for New 5G-NR Bands

Leading antenna solutions provider, Airgain Inc, has released a new family of 5G antenna solutions to help customers easily add support for new 5G-NR bands and deliver maximum performance with a range of form factors that fit their needs. The new sub-6 GHz (FGR1) NR antennas leverage and build upon the company’s extensive experience in development of sophisticated multi-resonant, multi-band antenna design, providing ultra-wide-band performance out of a single antenna. The new products will enable customers to swiftly add 5G support to their small cells, gateways, access points, and end user devices using a single antenna solution.

The new 5G bands hold the promise of enabling much faster connections. However, they are incompatible with existing antennas, which means customers face the challenge of how they can swiftly and cost-effectively provide access to the new capabilities. Airgain’s new family of 5G antenna solutions will give customers a range of options for how they can add 5G support to their equipment, enabling them to choose the right antenna to match their equipment form factor and use case and get their solutions to market quickly.

The new 5G NR antenna family features four new designs to match the needs of a range of equipment use cases:

  • Embedded Global Broadband Antenna: A single feed antenna structure that covers all 5G NR Sub-6 GHz FR1 and 4G LTE Bands from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. It is a true global antenna that helps ensure customers won’t have any issues with coverage – they can cover the entire spectrum with a single antenna. It is suitable for a range of use cases including fixed wireless gateway or cellular connected devices.
  • Embedded Q-Series CBRS Antenna: From Airgain’s leading Profile Embedded Q-Series Antenna family, this is a single feed antenna providing CBRS + C-band coverage from 3.3 GHz to 4.2 GHz in a very compact 27.0 x 9.0 x 0.5mm form factor. Incorporating Airgain’s new ‘Double Infinite Balun’ balanced antenna design, the antenna is designed to provide optimal performance in ‘noisy’ device enclosures, providing built in noise rejection, improving overall RF system performance. It is suitable for a range of use cases including fixed wireless gateway or cellular connected devices.
  • External CBRS and C-Band High Performing Omni Dipole Antenna: It is an add-on 5G NR external antenna series with high performance low and high gain design to support both indoor and outdoor applications – enables small cell or indoor/outdoor customer premise equipment (CPE) solutions.
  • CBRS and C-Band High Gain Panel Array Reference Antenna: It is a customizable add-on 5G NR high gain antenna solution that offers flexible design options for embedded integrated or standalone applications. It includes multiple gain and beamwidth options for indoor or outdoor CPE solutions.

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