Comtech Introduces Micro Deployable X/Y Tracking Antennas for LEO/MEO Satellites

Comtech Telecommunications has released a new line of transportable, full motion antennas for tracking Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites and High Altitude Pseudo-Satellites (HAPS). The new Micro Deployable X/Y Tracking Antennas were developed by the Space & Component Technology division of Comtech Telecommunications’ subsidiary, Command & Control Technologies group.

The antennas utilize the same two-axis pedestal technology and control software used on Comtech’s larger X/Y systems, thereby eliminating the keyhole at zenith, cable wrap, and backlash problems found on traditional elevation/azimuth (El/Az) tracking antennas. These advantages of the X/Y design are now offered in very small and lightweight packages. This highly cost effective, full hemispheric coverage solution set can be transported on a commercial airliner and can be assembled for operation by one individual in less than 30 minutes without special equipment.

According to Fred Kornberg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Comtech Telecommunications Corp, the introduction of the Micro Deployable X/Y Terminals caps a successful year of market expansion for the industry’s most extensive and mature line of X/Y antenna systems, as well as a full range of high wind rated radomes.

The tracking antennas are available in three sizes:

  • Series A that can hold 30cm – 60cm reflectors
  • Series B that can hold 80 cm – 1.2m reflectors
  • Series C that can hold 1.4m – 1.6m reflectors

Comtech offers the antenna systems in single and multi-band frequencies from L-band to Q-band. The antenna includes a GPS system that provides precision time and terminal position, and pointing accuracy better than 0.1 degree.

With a flexible system configuration, low power consumption, and high reliability, the antennas include Ethernet (TCP/IP) remote control for monitoring and control based on a Linux operating system. Additional features include a TLE-based program track satellite scheduler and precision carbon composites reflectors. This system does not require significant maintenance.

Comtech’s Space and Component Technology (SCT) division of Cypress, California, has specialized for over 40 years in providing ground system services in the form of turn-key site development, infrastructure, operations and maintenance of several range tracking stations in the South Pacific. Over the past 16 years, SCT added the most extensive line of LEO/MEO X/Y tracking antennas in the industry. Using the concept of product families and platform-based product development to increase variety, shorten lead-times, and reduce costs without compromising system performance, Comtech today can offer a product range with generic ‘family’ features from 30 cm to 13-meter apertures, to include auto tracking systems as well as a range of deployable, trailer mounted, or fixed systems.