New Rain RFID Tag IC Delivers 2x More Chips Per Silicon Wafer

Impinj, a leading provider, and pioneer of RAIN RFID Solutions, has introduced new endpoint IC technologies to meet the increasing demand for item connectivity in the retail, grocery, consumer packaged goods, and logistics markets. An Endpoint comprises of an Impinj tag chip attached to an individual item, providing a unique identifier and enabling connectivity devices to determine the item's identity, location, and authenticity.

Developed in an advanced semiconductor process node, these technologies paint the future of RAIN RFID by endowing Impinj endpoint ICs with differentiated features and enhanced performance, enabling these and other emerging markets in the coming years.

Impinj’s pioneering IC technologies improve readability and add new features and functionality to:

  • Increase the distance, reliability, and speed at which a RAIN RFID system can inventory, locate, and engage items
  • Enable key RAIN RFID use cases like item authentication, loss prevention, frictionless point-of-sale, and shipment verification
  • Allow Impinj’s inlay partners to design smaller, high-performing, truly global RAIN RFID tags

The innovations in Endpoint IC technology leverage both Moore’s Law and other leading-edge semiconductor advancements in order to improve IC performance and functionality.

New Endpoint IC Series Delivers 2x More Chips Per Silicon Wafer

The new Impinj M700 series of endpoint ICs leverage these innovative IC technologies to enable 300 mm silicon wafers with more than twice as many ICs per wafer as any other RAIN RFID manufacturer’s 300 mm wafers, and more than four times as many as any using 200 mm wafers. The M700 series ICs are so small that roughly 30 million of them will fit in a single coffee cup.

The Impinj M700 series of endpoint ICs enhances the Impinj platform, comprising RAIN RFID endpoints, connectivity, and software. Organizations around the world use the Impinj platform to connect items to applications, enabling the Internet of Things. Impinj endpoint ICs have already enabled connectivity for more than 30 billion everyday items including retail apparel, airline luggage, manufacturing equipment, and logistics items allowing businesses to make smarter decisions, improve customer experience, and drive sales.

Impinj will demonstrate the first chips in the Impinj M700 series to select partners and customers at RFID Journal Live from April 2-4, 2019.