2.5 Gbps Compact, Outdoor High-Capacity Backhaul Solution from 70 to 80 GHz

Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, has announced the PTP 820E E-band Radio, a compact full outdoor high-capacity backhaul solution operating in the E-band (70-80 GHz). Enterprise, industrial and service provider network operators now have more choices in the spectrum to leverage in their network.

Approved by the FCC and ETSI, the PTP 820E supports 62.5, 125, 250, and 500 MHz channels and delivers up to 2.5 Gbps Ethernet throughput. An attractive feature of the PTP 820E is its Multi-band ability to combine E-band and microwave transmissions in the 11 to 24 GHz bands using a single antenna for high throughput; which results in lower operating costs for the network operator by reducing tower rental and antenna procurement costs; and higher network availability. The PTP 820E extends the wireless connectivity options for backhaul infrastructure in Cambium Networks' Wireless Fabric portfolio of connectivity solutions.

The PTP 820E supports a variety of configurations:

  • 1+0
  • SFP+ port for single cable connectivity
  • Multi-band (E-band and microwave)
  • RFU-E Interoperability

The link also provides high throughput capacity:

  • 500 MHz channel – 2.5 Gbps at 64 QAM
  • 250 MHz channel – 1.6 Gbps at 256 QAM
  • 125 MHz channel – 920 Mbps at 512QAM
  • 62.5 MHz channel – 500 Mbps at 1KQAM

The PTP 820E supports multiband configurations with PTP 820C or PTP 820S licensed microwave solutions and can share a single multiband antenna. The multiband configuration enables operators to benefit simultaneously from the high capacity of E-band and the high reliability of microwave while optimizing capital investment and operating expenses.

This new backhaul solution shares the same UI and similar features as the PTP 820 series and is easy to use. Installation is easy with a connectorized solution with direct mount, and an optional integrated flat panel antenna. Network operators can rapidly design high-reliability links with the LINKPlanner software, and monitor performance and manage the network with the cnMaestro™ end-to-end management system.