Wireless Technology Startup Raises $88 Million for Gigabit Broadband System

Tarana Wireless has created what they claim to be the world’s lowest-cost suburban gigabit broadband system called Gigabit 1. Tarana’s fixed wireless access technology will drive a tenfold improvement in the network economics of gigabit broadband access at a massive scale. The company has announced a $60 million financing with Khosla Ventures and EchoStar Corporation, as a follow-on to the financing of $28m led by 1010 Holdings, LLC, the family offices of Greg Wyler. 

G1 delivers gigabit speeds over non-line-of-sight connections at long range - in the unlicensed spectrum - that are immune to interference and changes in the scene, enabling truly unrivaled network economics at massive scale. The G1 system is the perfect solution for suburban residential broadband, whether in the US, Europe, Africa, South America, or Asia.

In conjunction with the financing, EchoStar Chairman Charlie Ergen, Khosla Ventures partner Samir Kaul, and Greg Wyler, Chairman of OneWeb, have joined Tarana’s board of directors. Kranti Kilaru recently stepped down from his role as EVP at EchoStar to join Tarana’s leadership team as President.

With total financing of nearly $200 million, Tarana plans to grow its organization, currently 165 strong, by more than 35 employees by mid-2019, in a range of engineering, operations, and outbound positions.

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