German Startup to Offer IoT System-on-a-Chip Technology to SMEs

In a bid to help small and mid-sized companies gain technological advancements through innovative semiconductor technologies, GlobalFoundries (GF), in partnership with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Next Big Thing (NBT), have created a startup called Sensry. Small and mid-size companies (SMEs) world over, are involved in technical innovations but lack the material and human resources to develop, their own highly integrated semiconductor solutions. The new jointly founded company wants to solve this issue.

Sensry, the start-up, offers its customers access to highly integrated, energy-saving and cost-effective sensor systems based on GF’s 22FDX technology. This would enable the free use of future-oriented system architectures and production methods, even for prototypes and small batches in conjunction with state-of-the-art assembly and packaging technologies. The “modular principle” offered by Sensry will also offer maximum flexibility through a modular design. As a result, customers each receive a tailor-made sensor node with flexible customer-specific equipment for sensors and communication solutions.

According to Sensry’s Manging Director, Konrad Herre, the Internet of Things creates enormous impulses for business ideas in all industry segments. But many creative and innovative IoT startups often lack the bandwidth to find the right technical solutions. Sensry will thus provide start-ups and SMEs with uncomplicated access to state-of-the-art IoT system-on-a-chip technology for building ready-to-use modules. The complexity of components, modules and functional groups is therefore no longer an innovation brake.

Sensry was formed under the joint project USeP (Universal Sensor Platform) funded by the Free State of Saxony and the European Union, in which a network of Saxon Fraunhofer institutes works together with GlobalFoundries Dresden. The goal of the joint start-up is to market the project results.

GlobalFoundries Dresden is the group's headquarters for the innovative 22FDX technology, which enables high-performance and energy-efficient applications for 5G, IoT and Automotive. Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organization for applied research in Europe. With its focus on future-relevant key technologies, it plays a central role in the innovation process of Germany and Europe. The Next Big Thing AG, Europe's leading builder Company in the Internet of things and block chain, offers unique conditions for the agile and effective development of IoT ventures.