Ultra-short-range mm-Wave Automotive Radar Chipset Provides 360° View

At the International Wireless Industry Consortium (IWPC) seminar, MediaTek has introduced its new automotive chip, the Autus R10 ultra-short range millimeter wave radar platform. With significantly higher performance than ultrasonic sensors on the market, the Autus R10 chip integrates an antenna to support radar systems deployed by automobile manufacturers to accurately detect obstacles or vehicles with a 360-degree view around a car. The Autus R10 chip can be used for multiple applications including blind spot detection (BSD), parking assist system (PAS) and automatic parking assistance (APA) to improve driving safety.

The IWPC community facilitates technical discussions for industry participants to share key insights about the wireless industry and wireless technology. Over the past 20 years, IWPC has grown to more than 160 member companies worldwide, including many leading companies in the wireless industry. This year’s IWPC seminar gathered the top wireless experts from around the globe, along with leading automobile manufacturers, to discuss radar technology. As a leader in highly integrated millimeter wave radar solutions, MediaTek was invited to participate in the conference and speak at the event to discuss technical insights and solutions.

The Autus R10 features a compact design with high performance, offering OEMs a cost-effective solution. Other features of the Autus R10 include:  

  • Based on the industry-leading CMOS manufacturing process, the Autus R10 integrates a baseband DSP, radio frequency (RF) and encapsulated antenna. With its compact design, the Autus R10 only requires a simple three-wire interface to be connected to an external electronic control unit (ECU).  
  • The integrated antenna design has an application range of 10cm to 20m, detecting objects even if they are less than 10cm away. Its accurate close-range detection is ideal in densely-populated and crowded urban areas.  
  • The Autus R10 provides a horizontal field of view (FOV) of more than 130 degrees and reduces the number of radar sensors needed. The chipset provides a vertical field of view (FOV) greater than 90 degrees, helping reduce blind spots and accidents.   
  • With its 77/79 GHz frequency, accurate object recognition and detection of objects as close as 5cm, the Autus R10 enable faster object recognition and quicker response time.  
  • Compared with ultrasonic solutions, the Autus R10 millimeter wave radar platform provides a wider range of detection capability and at longer distances. Other than distance information, mmWave can also provide speed information while ultrasonic does not. With the combination of range, distance, and velocity information, more applications can be supported by mmWave.   
  • The chipset is designed to provide fast response times and reliable detection regardless of weather conditions. The compact design of the Autus R10 enables sensors to be placed behind the bumper so car manufacturers do not have to drill holes in a vehicle. Additionally, the chipset design enables cars to have fewer sensors, lowering the assembly cost.   

The Autus R10 supports a variety of driving scenarios such as parking assistance, automatic parking, parking lot vision, rear automatic emergency braking, cross-traffic alerts, door opening alerts, and ultra-short range blind spot monitoring.

Since unveiling the Autus series in January 2019, MediaTek continues to bring to market cutting-edge solutions for the automotive industry in four key areas: in-vehicle communication systems, in-vehicle infotainment systems, Vision Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and mmWave radar solutions. The Autus R10 chips have been mass-produced and will be available in the first half of 2019.


CTA: Cross-traffic alert; PAS: parking assist system; APA: automatic parking assistance; PLV: parking space measurement; BSD: blind spot detection;   

LCA: lane change assistance; RCTA: rear cross-traffic alert; DOA: door open alarm; R-AEB/RAB: rear automatic emergency braking/rear automatic braking

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